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How can I get my product in your boxes?
Simply fill out our Sign Up form.

What products are allowed in your box?
Only Vegan products free of gelatin, dairy, honey and other animal products are allowed in The Plantbased Box. Unfortunately, we cannot accept products that contain Palm Oil.

How much does it cost to be included in your box?
It's $99 for every 400 boxes per event.

What can I include in your box?
Two (2) items: 1 sample/swag, 1 coupon/leaflet

Can I include more than 1 sample in your box?
To include more than 1 sample/swag in our box per event, you will be required to purchase an additional listing ($99).

How large is The Plantbased Box?
Our boxes are 10" (L) x 7" (W) x 8" (H).

Are these boxes sold at events?
No, we give them out for free at Vegan events.